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Foreo UFO 2

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FOREO UFO 2 provides the treatment of a spa in a powerful, portable device.

The FOREO UFO 2 offers high-end facial treatments in an intuitive, easy-to-use device. Attach one of FOREO's face mask sheets and experience a whole treatment just 90 seconds.

During those 90 seconds, the FOREO UFO 2 is able to make use of a variety of built-in features. This includes T-Sonic™ Pulsations, which massages your skin to improve the absorption of creams and serums. Thermo-Therapy warms skin to loosen sebum and Cryo-Therapy cools to shrink pores and reduce puffiness. Meanwhile, LEDs inside the UFO 2 harness light at eight specialized wavelengths to promote collagen, address acne, and more.


  • Provides a full mask treatment in just 90 seconds
  • T-Sonic™ vibrations stimulate skin to enhance mask benefits
  • Warms to loosen sebum and cools to shrink pores
  • FOREO app provides guided treatment through your phone
  • LED light therapy addresses age lines, breakouts and more
  • Includes improved LED and temperature technology compared to the original FOREO UFO
  • Waterproof and highly portable

Give your skin a complete facial treatment whenever you want with the FOREO UFO 2.