Electric Blue

We are a Women's Retail Boutique and a part of The Blue Collection, located in North Chattanooga on Hixson Pike.
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My love for fashion began long before purchasing Alice Blue, Hanover Blue and opening Electric Blue.
Growing up in Corinth, Mississippi, I was inspired by my mother’s sophisticated and coordinated sense of style.
Additionally, my dad was the owner of ‘Roy’s One Stop’, which instilled in me the idea to be a destination for both men and women looking for quality fashion in Chattanooga. 
My goal is to bring those attributes to my stores, Alice Blue and Hanover Blue. I am excited to add Electric Blue as the “wild child” of the family.
 Electric Blue is the style destination for trendsetters. When shoppers think of Electric Blue, we want them to think of it as their one-stop shop for jeans, Rock-N-Roll tees, charming dresses and edgy everyday pieces.
Hope to see you soon!