Blue Box FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

 Get to know all about The Blue Collection Store’s Blue Box Subscription service!


What is the Blue Box service?

 Our Blue Box Subscription service is a way we can serve our clients with a personal styling service either on demand or on a selected schedule.  Based on your Style Profile, your stylist will select 8-10 clothing and accessory items to be delivered to you. Keep what you like and send back the rest. 

Are there any fees?

 We REALLY hate fees, so we don’t have any style fees, membership fees, or shipping fees!  There is a $50 refundable deposit (not a fee) when requesting a box which goes toward your purchase. You are only charged for items from your box you decide to keep. If there are shipping issues with your box or items you do not wish to purchase or returned past the deadline, inconvenience charges may apply.  

 How do I request a box?

 It’s easy to request a box!  Simply email, message us on social media, call any of our stores, or complete the “Contact Us” form with “Blue Box” listed in the subject line.  One of our stylists will be in touch to complete your Style Profile information and get your box started. It typically takes only a day or two to get your box on the way to you for the first time.  You will have the option to set up a regular delivery schedule (monthly, quarterly, or simply “on demand” as you see you are ready for a new box).  

 How long can I keep the box before sending back any items I don’t wish to keep?

 You will have five (5) business days to decide which items you would like to keep.  We kindly request that you return the items you do not want to purchase within this time frame.  Should you need an extension, contact your stylist. If the box is kept longer, you will be charged a $50 Late Charge, but don’t worry—it will be credited toward any purchase you make from your box!

 I’m not going to be charged for all the items or items that I do not want to keep, correct?

 That’s correct!  You are only charged for the items you wish to keep.  Your $50 deposit will be applied to the items that you purchase.  If you do not keep any of the items in your box, your $50 deposit will be applied to shipping and restocking costs.  All items are 10% off retail store price for boxes delivered on demand (without a regular delivery schedule); 15% off for monthly subscribers (12 month subscription).  Keep everything in your box and receive an additional 25% off your entire purchase!

 What if I receive a damaged item?

We do our best to make sure all the items packed in your box are in pristine condition.  Please contact us immediately if your shipping box is damaged or if any items in your box are damaged.  If possible, please snap a quick photo and email or text it to your stylist, so we can make proper inquiries and find out what’s next.  Any items returned back to our store damaged or not in the condition they were sent, will result in a “Damage Charge” equal to 15% of the retail store value.

 What if I need to exchange an item in my box for a different size or color?

 We’re happy to ship an exchanged item from any box order to you at no additional charge. However, you’ll be responsible for any shipping costs for items returned after the initial exchange.

 What sizes do you carry?

 We carry sizes ranging from 00-14 or XS - XL in various women’s styles.  For men, we carry all sizes and offer custom sizing in store for certain brands and products.

 How many items are in each box, and what is the price point?

Each box contains 8-10 items (including accessories) selected using your Style Profile completed at your initial session with your stylist.  Prices for our items vary widely depending on designers, but feel free to let your stylist know your comfort level for price. We will do our best to provide items that fit your budget!

 Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the continental United States! 

 How long does it take to receive my box?

 It takes roughly a week after you request a box for it to arrive.  This allows our stylist plenty of time to pick items based on your profile and allow for shipping time to arrive to  you.  

 Can I stop my shipments at any time?

 Absolutely!  As mentioned above, this is not a subscription service, so you can ask us to stop further shipments or just place a hold on further shipments at any time. Terms apply when registering for a 12 month subscription service for additional discounts and styling services.

 What is your return policy for box order?

Changed your mind about an item? It happens to the best of us. After you have been charged for your kept items, you have 10 days to return items for merchandise/store credit. We do not offer cash or credit refunds on any purchases. We offer store credit ONLY for returns within the 10 day period. Contact your personal style concierge  to receive a Return Authorization number to reference with your return. Please remember to return all items unworn in the original condition they were issued in and with tags attached. We do not accept returned merchandise that has been worn, damaged, altered or has tags removed. As the subscriber, you will also be responsible for shipping costs to return the items back to us.

More Questions or Concerns?

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