Our Rush Guide 2022

Calling all Freshman girls! Summer is flying by and we are getting closer and closer to Fall! We've put together several outfits for each round of Rush to give you ideas of what to wear during Rush week!

Go Greek Round!

First Impressions always matter! Go Greek is when you meet all of the chapters! You may receive a tee-shirt before recruitment starts that you wear during this round.

But you can still add your own special touch to the outfit with a fun skirt or jean shorts. And memorable accessories really let YOU shine! Pair your tee with denim skirt, a Koch skirt, or a pair of embellished denim shorts!

Sisterhood/Philanthropy Round

The second round of recruitment is where you get to learn about each chapter's philanthropy. This allows you to witness the sisterhood within the sororities.

A cool sundress with heels or wedges is always a smart choice. It's easy to show your personality through Ramy Brook, Love Shack Fancy, and Amanda Uprichard

Preference Round

 In my opinion Pref night is the best night! you will be invited to two houses as you decide your forever sisterhood! This night is serious and more personal than the other two rounds, so its important to look your best!

We chose dresses from Love Shack Fancy and Shoshanna that fit the purpose of Pref! This night is deeper and is this is where you decide which sorority best fits you, your personality and your heart.

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

Always dress to impress and always accessorize! Show off your incredible personality! Choose earrings, headbands, and shoes to make a statement.

A simple gold hoop or a bright pink wing from Mignonne Gavigan will steal the show. This is a time to really let loose and show all about you! Fun accessories help people remember you and that is so important during recruitment!


Overall recruitment is such a fun experience and something that you will truly cherish in college. Always remember to stay true to you and go in with an open mind and heart! These are key to finding your forever sisterhood.   

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Best Wishes,

Lilee Rose