Over Under Leather Clasp Key Fob
Over Under Leather Clasp Key Fob

Over Under Leather Clasp Key Fob

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See Our Perfect Key Chain Accessory for today's Sporting Gentlemen!

With this classy leather clasp key fob by Over Under, any time you pick up your keys will feel like you are setting off on a sail around the Florida coastline, a sunset drive in a Jeep with the top down, a road trip to the Cape with your fraternity brothers, or like you are living in the Alan Jackson song "Daddy Let Me Drive." Okay, maybe not, but still you'll be ready for a great drive with this key fob in tow. Featuring classic tan leather and sturdy metal hardware, this classy key fob will take your keys from 0 to preppy in no time at all.

We can't promise everyone won't try to take your keys with this stylish key fob (because trust us they will try to) but we can guarantee that with this key fob in hand you'll be the preppiest driver in the room. New driver? Show this key fob at the DMV and you'll automatically pass the driving test.

  • 100% Leather
  • Sturdy hardware construction
  • "Over Under" Embossed grommet


  • Old fashioned nautical feel
  • Classes up any set of car or boat keys in a flash
  • Great gift for both preppy men and women