Bene Mini Nott (Metallic Blue)

Bene Mini Nott (Metallic Blue)

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The Mini Nott is the newest version of the iconic Nott handbag. This shape and elegant but modern handbag will always make you feel confident; whether it's walking into a business meeting or strolling around the cobblestones during chic Italian nights. 

Height: 12.5 cm
Length: 18 cm                                                                                                                  Gold Chin Strap: 125cm

  • Handcrafted in the North of Italy
  • Made with the finest Italian hide
  • Has 1 Inside Pockets & Back Pocket
  • Custom Hand-Dipped Gold B Hardware
  • Gold Chain Strap
  • Magnetic Closure 
  • Dustbag Included
  • Imported from Milan, Italy                                                                           
  • Interior Artist: Artemis Antippas of New Orleans
  • Color: Glitter Chicken Bones   
  • For more information on artwork by Artemis Antippas                     

Founder Ellie Schwing, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana established BENE with the launch of her first collection of handbags and accessories in fall 2016 while living and working in Italy, where she continues to find inspiration for her designs. 

BENE is committed to continuing the art and craft of handmade luxury goods.  Each handbag is produced with Italian hide and lined with custom printed fabric featuring original artwork by local female artists.

BENE’s is committed to producing functional, timeless and stylish pieces that represent a true collaboration with Italian artisans and female artists.